Welcome to Flourish Financial Planning

New Company.........Old Heads.....

Flourish Financial Planning (FFP) was formed as a Partnership in May 2015 by three colleagues priding themselves with over 70 years combined experience in the Financial Services sector.

Although the company is in its infancy, the brains behind it are long standing experts in their field. We succeed by ensuring our clients meet their financial objectives. We offer clear independent advice and provide bespoke financial solutions. It really is as straight forward as that.

As a client of FFP you can expect your financial planning and wealth management needs to be cared for by an experienced, qualified consultant with a strong commitment to the highest standards of professionalism.

After a process of elimination FFP chose to join forces with Sense Network Limited. Sense and FFP are both committed to complete independence and as a valued partner, Sense provides us with a number of benefits to enhance the service our clients receive. As members of the Sense Network we utilise economies of scale enabling us to obtain benefits such as market leading research software and improved terms for investment and pension products. The Sense Network also carry out an audit function to ensure we continually act in a compliant manner and remain up to date with all regulatory changes.

If you are a valued existing client joining us in our new venture, then we thank you for your loyalty and welcome you aboard. If you are a potential new client in need of financial advice then please read on, you are in safe hands.

We offer a comprehensive independent financial planning service for all your investment and protection needs:

  • Pension Planning

    When do you want to retire and how much income will you need?

  • Investments/Regular Savings

    Are you making the best use of any spare capital or surplus income?
  • Life Assurance
    How much cash would your family need to maintain their current lifestyle if you die prematurely?
  • Income Protection

    Would you require a regular income or a cash sum if you suffered a serious illness or disability?

We hope you find the site both useful and informative. Over time our aim is to expand the site to offer more services such as viewing your policies and portfolios securely on the site but we would welcome your feedback not only on the current content and presentation of the site but how you feel it could be improved or indeed what other services or information we could include to help you.

If you do have any suggestions please e-mail us or use one of our contact forms.

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